The world’s first clinically1-3 proven daytime therapy for mild sleep apnoea & snoring.

Important information: This is a 20min daytime treatment for Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and snoring. Contra-indications can be found in our eXciteOSA User Guide. If you have not yet been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or primary snoring or do not have any written confirmation of a sleep apnoea diagnosis or prior CPAP usage, we recommend seeking medical advice.

*COVID-19 news*:  you can receive specialised care and your product(s) without leaving your house. Connect with a Healthcare Professional remotely. Home deliver your products.

Financial support: spread your payments over 6 or up to 36 months with 0% financing from Klarna, e.g. £24.38 per month in 24 monthly instalments, available upon check-out. If you are facing financial hardship in these trying times, contact us and we can help.

Current patients: either ask your Sleep Specialist or contact us to find a specialist familiar with eXciteOSA.
New patients: with no prior diagnosis, contact us to connect you immediately with a Sleep Specialist in your area.

Our in-depth, published clinical trials data suggest that nearly 90% of patients will see significant improvements in the numbers of apnoea and hypopnea events and their snoring.

Financing & Warranties:


  • Interest-free instalments, automatically charged from your card every 30 days
  • No interest or fees when you pay on time
  • Select Klarna at the checkout “payment” stage and enter your credit or debit card
  • Super-simple signup, only available in the UK
  • We stand behind our engineering. Should your product have a defect, we guarantee product performance for up to 12 months

Available for Purchase in EU Countries, UK and Canada

Rest of the World: eXciteOSA® is not yet available for purchase in all countries. In order for us to be able to come back to you once it is available for purchase in your country, please register your interest here.


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